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Leading Edge Online Platform

Learn through a state-of-the-art platform with students and faculty around the world with discussion forums and support 24/7.

Learning resources include journals, slide decks, video content, animation, and other modes of delivery to create the most engaging digital learning environment.

No Textbooks are needed. 
Online content is written by Entrepreneurs
Attend live tutorials, and recorded webinars 

Global Leaders

Learn from 250+ Ducere's Global Faculty Leaders.

Students undertaking courses with Ducere and our university partners will have access to insights from over 250 global leaders and business innovators as part of the global business curriculum. These insights are embedded throughout course content, bridging the gap between academic studies and practical, industry-relevant learning. Further information on some of these global leaders and business innovators can be found below.

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No Exams

Under this model, students decide when and how they study, whilst completing practical assessments that are relevant to their own career needs and to the needs of the industry.
So instead of exams, you could be working on business plans, project case studies, and more, while enjoying access to Australia’s most industry-relevant course curriculum and content.